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Date: 22 Jun, 2022

Reading time: 1 min

Guests love the barbecue area


Come and experience Sailor House's new barbecue area: Free gas grill available and tables/benches for 100 guests.

A few years ago, the entire area around Sailor House was completely renovated. In the kitchen, guests could experience brand new appliances and a new beautiful floor and virtually the entire bathroom area of the house was replaced with new from top to bottom.

The barbecue area is a chapter in itself. Today it is part of the sheltered area 'The Compass', where there are no less than four free gas barbecues and tables/benches for 100 guests.

The four gas barbecues turn on automatically every day at 17.30 and turn off again at 22.00. If the 'opening time' of the barbecue is difficult to remember, the visiting sailors just have to think in traffic terms, because when the barbecue is on, there is a green light at the barbecue site and a red light when the gas is off.

"Guests have really welcomed the fine improvements the area has received. Especially the new barbecue area around the Compass has been well received and I can promise that it will be used frequently", says Klaus Jensen, harbour master.

When it's time to eat, there are tables and benches with seating for around 100 people. You can sit together or separately, and either way, you can be part of the community in the area. Enjoy and enjoy! Read about the facilities at this link