Date: Feb 8, 2023

Reading time: 1:20 min

New lifeboat for Anholt


The rescue station on Anholt has a brand new rescue boat. The boat was built in France and is both bigger and faster than the previous rescue boat on the island.

Anholt's new lifeboat is, unlike the boat it replaces, an enclosed boat. This means that it will be possible to participate in rescue operations in significantly worse weather than before, and with a boat that shoots at a higher speed, rescuers can get there faster and help those in distress.

"A new rescue boat for Anholt means that we will improve our preparedness with a larger vessel in the central part of Danish inland waters. Anholt is located right in the middle of the Kattegat and, together with the surrounding rescue stations, forms an essential element of the emergency services, which will carry out sea rescue, pump assistance, environmental emergency and the many other tasks that our rescue personnel carry out in all kinds of weather all year round," Lieutenant Commander Tim Lillelund, Head of the Coastal Rescue Service, told

The rescue boat is named after Jacob Frederiksen who started the rescue service on Anholt and was the first station master of the rescue station. He held this post from 1878 to 1903.

The rescue boat is scheduled to be deployed in full readiness and ready for action in the Kattegat from week 8.
This week, the crew is being trained on the new boat and next week it will go to Frederikshavn for various adjustments.

Length: 17.50 meters
Beam: 5.40 meters
Speed: 26 knots
Main engine: 2 X 549 KW / 750 HP John Deere

The lifeboat is self-rescuing and has a fire cannon on the foredeck, towing hook, FLIR and space to perform first aid in the wheelhouse.

Photo: Steffen Fog / Forsvaret

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